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Due to the broad network and experience of BuildingStories you can become a freelancer of our community for the B2B construction sector. We coordinate capacity, style and functor of the member's freelancer in combination with the customer's preferences.

Freelancer and still work in a team? That's possible!

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Stronger together

It sounds cliché but together we are really stronger. What you do with two goes faster, weighs less. Mmmh, this sounds mathematical ?! Or just logic?

What is together for BuildingStories: We grow together, organically, logically, as nature suggests. We invest according to the growth of the whole, the one company grows earlier, faster or slightly different than the other. The investments are at the disposal of the whole, which in turn offers opportunities for other members. Sounds good?

Together here also means sharing, and how weird parts is a plus!

And a plus also means less, which you share by more, costs you less. Without delusions of grandeur, but with the idea: everything you pay less will give you more, more to invest, consolidate, grow and enjoy.

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Information, quotation, or simply having a talk over coffee or a cup of tea?